I’m not really sure how to start this story. I guess I’ll start by saying why I want to write it now. My first reason is that a friend of mine from a similar background recently and courageously told her story, and her openness and honesty inspired me. Secondly, an acquaintance made the comment to me recently that I seemed “normal”. I said I wasn’t. That I REALLY wasn’t. I imagine most people feel this way, and feeling “not normal” certainly isn’t any claim to fame! But over the years I’ve realized just how “not normal” my story really is, and I realized that telling it is one way to finally validate for myself that what happened to me actually MATTERS; that, and it hopefully gives a voice to the myriads of other children who grew up, like me, without a voice, and without someone to stand up for them. I hope that I will see my story redeemed completely in time, as I’ve seen the process already begun. I’m so thankful that my God is able to redeem the dark things, and make them beautiful!


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