Names and Initials: a partial disclosure

I am currently in the process of correcting the fake initials I’ve used in what I’ve written so far to accurate ones.  I think this provides people sufficient privacy, without requiring that I continue to use arbitrary letters, because frankly, I have a hard time keeping them all straight!  More importantly, I will now refer to “Mr. A” by his real name: Joe LaQuiere.  I have decided that not only does he not deserve the privilege of privacy, but also, I feel it is important to stand up and make his actions public, for the sake of anyone else who has either been damaged by his teachings in the past, or are currently using them at the present.  I would like to open the door, too, to the possibility of connecting with some of the other families who lived under Joe’s insidious influence in the past, and who left or were kicked out of his cult for non-compliance, to “crash and burn”.  I would like them to know that they are not alone, and that there is hope for the future, if they haven’t found it yet themselves.  For all of these reasons, I feel it is necessary and right to disclose Joe LaQuiere’s real name.  I will continue to respect the privacy of the other members of his cult, most of whom are still a part of it, and some of whom are family members.  For them I feel very deep pity and concern.  I know what it is like to labor under the heavy burden of ungrace, and I hurt for them.  My greatest desire is that they, too, will be able to break away from the chains of legalism, and discover the safe haven of grace.


3 thoughts on “Names and Initials: a partial disclosure

  1. I found your story on HomeSchoolers Anonymous and have been anxiously waiting for updates each day, in hoping of a “happy ending” for you and your siblings. ❤️

    I did a Google search for Joe LaQuiere, wondering what other information might be available about him. I found many of your posts, as well as a few reviews you’ve written on the book “Raising Godly Tomatoes “.

    I am so glad to see that you have been actively sharing your story, in hopes of saving other families (but really saving other children) from these legalistic and abusive teachings. You are a real hero in my book for putting your personal, heartbreaking story out onto the internet and I applaud your bravery.

    I’m very curious about your life now, and how you raise your own kids. I’d love to see an update post from you or find more of your writing. Do you have any other blogs?

    Thank you, again, for sharing your journey. Much love to you and your family.


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